Below are some video clips of trainees learning Level 1 and 2 maneouvres.  Because these are real videos, the trainees do make some mistakes in them.  These clips should therefore not be shown to trainees as an example of how to do each maneouvre - they should instead be used by instructors seeking supplementary resources to give both ideas of how to teach each maneouvre, and examples of common mistakes made by trainees.  

The videos can be viewed individually or, for full playlists, click here for Level 1 and here for Level 2.

Level 1

Balance and control  Getting on and off your bike
Bike check Going around corners
Changing gear Going slowly
Fitting your helmet Pedalling
Getting going Using your brakes


Level 2

Starting off Right turn minor to major
Stopping Overtaking a parked car
Emergency Stop U-turn
Passing a side road Mini-roundabout turning left
Left turn major to minor Mini-roundabout straight ahead
Left turn minor to major Single-lane roundabout turn right
Right turn major to minor