Electronic copies of all the resources can be downloaded here by anyone with an instructor qualification (e.g. Cycle Training Assistant) - you will need to log into your Cycling Scotland account in order to access them.


Details of how to order hard copies of the resources for your training sessions:

  • Local authority schools

    If you're delivering Bikeability Scotland in a local authority school, please ask either the school or your local authority coordinator to arrange delivery of the resources you need for the training sessions.  You can find your local coordinator here.

  • Independent schools

    Some independent schools can get copies of resources from their local authority, and some can get them directly from Cycling Scotland. Please look at the list at the bottom of this page to find out what you need to do in your area.

  • Any other type of organisation or setting

    If you're delivering Bikeability Scotland training in any other type of organisation or setting (a youth group, for example), please contact your local coordinator in the first instance to see if they can support you.  If they can't, please contact Cycling Scotland directly.